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The Only Way Is Essex 20x1

Episode 1

With half the gang in Tenerife, the gossip mill quickly goes into overdrive when Liam starts a rumour concerning Megan’s best friend Amber T. Back in Essex, a supportive Megan confronts Liam about his behaviour, leading to further tension as Pete steps up to defend his girlfriend. Elsewhere, Chloe S drops a bombshell when she confesses to a whirlwind romance with Liam, only to reveal that they have now split. Liam is eager to win her back, but is she prepared to give him another chance, especially amid all the current drama? Meanwhile, Gemma’s plans for a big birthday bash are halted when she ends up hospitalised in Tenerife.

The Only Way Is Essex: 20×1
Mar. 05, 2017

The Only Way Is Essex season 20