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Bridezillas 7x8

Mia and Maria

Just days before the wedding, Bridezilla Mia’s list of unfinished business grows longer and longer. And the fact that Mia hasn’t even sent out wedding invitations doesn’t help! Everything is last-minute with this Zilla. When she’s not concocting half-baked weight loss schemes, she’s trying to manipulate her mother into shelling out more of her retirement savings for the wedding (even though Mia has her own, secret account). But when Mom finally puts her foot down, will Mia’s wedding fall apart? Meanwhile, Bridezilla Maria is driving everyone around her ragged doing her wedding preparations. This conceited diva refuses to lift a finger, but has no problem dishing out the commands. From making wedding favor chocolates to critiquing her bridesmaids in their dresses, to refusing to participate in her bridal boot-camp workout, Maria always knows best.

Bridezillas: 7×8
Jul. 25, 2010

Bridezillas season 7