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Bridezillas 7x7

Michelle and Mia

With her mother and sisters seemingly sabotaging her every move, Bridezilla Michelle is running out of time and patience for her wedding. From shoes to showing up late at her bachelorette party, Michelle’s sisters are letting her down at every turn. It also does not help that Michelle cannot seem to plan anything from the room setup to her manicure budget. All this stress and family drama keep building into an explosive, wedding-day sibling throw-down you have to see to believe. Meanwhile space cadet Bridezilla Mia has let everything on her wedding list go. She has no shoes or ring and did not schedule time for any dress alterations. With her bridesmaids wondering how she’s going to pull this wedding off in time, and her family throwing up their hands at Mia’s disorganization, Mia herself can only focus on one thing: food. With her wedding diet constantly getting derailed, this hungry bride only focuses on getting soup on her wedding-day menu.

Bridezillas: 7×7
Jul. 18, 2010

Bridezillas season 7