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Bridezillas 7x21

Delilah and Tasha

Bridezilla Tasha has met her match in her Male of Honor, Travis. Tasha tries to control his extravagant ideas and put a cork in his outlandish attitude, but Travis will not be tempered. When Tasha waits until the last minute to find a replacement wedding dress, Travis is more interested in finding a dress of his own. A bridesmaid meeting brings the battle to a head, and Tasha kicks him to the curb. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Delilah gave her wedding guests the wrong directions, and treats her bridal party like her personal servants. Delilah flips out when her sunglasses get scratched, and later, when the bridesmaids’ dress alterations take too long, Delilah takes it out on them by refusing to drive them home. But while the bridesmaids slave away, the Maid of Honor is curiously missing in action… On the wedding day, a cranky Delilah takes out her nerves and frustrations on everyone around her, freaking out when the groom spots her before the ceremony.

Bridezillas: 7×21
Oct. 24, 2010

Bridezillas season 7