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Bridezillas 7x19

Carley and Erica

Bridezilla Carley has devious plans for her fiance Johnny before the wedding day, including an impromptu waxing appointment. Later, Johnny plans to spend the night before the wedding with his brothers, but when Carley unearths a secret plan for a night out to watch the playoffs, our Bridezilla threatens to put a curse on their favorite team. Johnny isn’t the only one suffering the wrath of Carley – little sister Paulina just can’t catch a break, espeically when she knocks into Carley’s prized crystal centerpiece! But will it be Carley’s dad who gets the last laugh with an unapproved date for the reception? Meanwhile, Bridezilla Erica battles her five sisters for the spotlight, pitching a fit before her bachelorette party because she thinks they look better than she does. Later, when an ungrateful Erica picks apart everything about the bridal shower, her sisters don’t hold back how they really feel, and Erica winds up crying and alone.

Bridezillas: 7×19
Oct. 10, 2010

Bridezillas season 7