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Bridezillas 5x21

DeShawn & Cari

New Orleans bride DeShawn Smith goes on a relentless hunt for the lady who she believes is out to steal her fiance. She accuses practically everyone in her bridal party… even her own mother! On her wedding day, she is such a high maintenance terror at the salon, that the stylists stage a mutiny! It’s not until her mother drags her out of the salon that DeShawn finally leaves and the stylists are happy to see her go. DeShawn’s mother left the salon in such a rush, that two bridesmaids get left behind! Carolina country girl, Cari Sheriff dreams of a rustic, yet elegant, wedding in the never-before-heard style of “Country Chic.” Her wedding venue is so old school that there’s no running water, but not to worry, she’s rented “porto-potties.” Cari frets over every tiny detail concerning her special day: she has just lost her pastor and seems in no particular hurry to find a replacement.

Bridezillas: 5×21
Oct. 19, 2008

Bridezillas season 5