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Bridezillas 1x7

Magdalena, Korliss, and Noelle

Magdalena’s wedding to Justin is close but hell brakes lose when some financial problems interfere. The reception and honeymoon are expensive and the couple has no choice but to refinance their mortgage. Magdalena has her nails done but has a tantrum when one isn’t done correctly. The wedding rehearsal runs smoothly but on her wedding day, the guests, who didn�t RSVP, show up with dates and the band has trouble tracking her down so they can be paid.Korliss has some business to take care of. It seems her dress has not been altered and does not fit her right. So, she goes to the bridal shop and complains until they agree to fix it. Later, Korliss meets up with her mom, mother-in-law to be, wedding planner, and a few others to put together the invitations, which are already a week late. When her mother-in-law to be spills some water, Korliss can�t hold in her temper.Today we meet 36-year-old Noelle who is planning a big Irish Catholic wedding to Dan. Noelle puts Dan in charge of cleaning the Bathrooms, because the wedding rehearsal is coming up. Dan doesn�t do it to her liking and now the whole family is fighting.

Bridezillas: 1×7
Jul. 13, 2004

Bridezillas season 1